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Portland’s neo-folk rock heroes Blitzen Trapper are set to release their seventh full-length, VII , on September 30, and are also about to embark upon a US tour. Marty: I’m doing pretty well, just enjoying the good part of summer. Just hanging with the family and getting ready to hit the road. Our first leg of the tour ends around Thanksgiving, so we’ll be on road for the next few months. C: Speaking of life on the road, I’ve actually never been to Portland; how is it? It has a lot of the amenities of the big cities, without any of the same problems yet.

Video Vriday! Rafael Vigilantics, Blitzen Trapper, Nick Jaina, Red Fang & More

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Find out when Blitzen Trapper is next playing live near you. List of all Blitzen Trapper tour dates, concerts, support acts, reviews and venue info. It was one of these gigs where it’s no time for boredom, flowing from song to Lead singer very talented; keyboard guy looks like Poindexter from Revenge of the Nerds,, LOL!

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To get close, we board a floatplane in Juneau and head out to some of the best wild salmon streams in the world, where bears gather to feed. Inspired by the pilots who like to pump classic rock through the headsets, I came up with my own playlist for two twenty minute flights…and some tips from me to you for cruising around the Alaskan wilderness in search of wild bears. For the van-ride from hangar to float pond, some nonchalant slacker rock to ease the nerves.

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Blitzen Trapper @ Turner Hall Ballroom

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Blitzen Trapper. Live at Third Man Records · Blitzen Trapper. All Across Blitzen Trapper. EP & Singles video. Thirsty Man. Blitzen Trapper.

The Portland, Ore. Unfortunately, the record came out during a time when precious indie-folk music was bubbling to the surface thanks in large part to a soundtrack from a certain New Jersey-based film. In , folk music had once again hit mainstream pop radio, and Blitzen Trapper was left in the dust.

Lead singer Eric Earley wrote narrative-based songs that evoke the working class soot of Bruce Springsteen and the keen, steely gaze of Neil Young. Earley and company leaned heavily on this new album, but still threw in some surprises during its sparsely attended Turner Hall Ballroom show on Tuesday night. The mercurial musical influences of Blitzen Trapper causes their live performances to sound like walking into a Tennessee bar, putting a 10 dollar bill in the jukebox and pressing the random button.

The set started raucous with “Rock and Roll Was Made For You ,” as Earley, in a sleeveless flannel shirt, sang with a country twang and hammered through a blistering closing solo. The mistake only seemed to enliven Earley, who took the opportunity to pay back the crowd by taking a few song requests. Skip to main content. Photo credit: Kellen Nordstrom. Friends of the Shepherd Help support Milwaukee’s locally owned free weekly newspaper. Back to Search Results.

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Formed in and fronted by lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Eric Earley, the band have always been ambitiously Americana, soaking in influences as varied as Southern rock, Wu-Tang, classic rock, and Laurel Canyon troubadours. The Truckers have always had a lean towards Southern influenced classic rock and they uphold that tradition on the new album. He told Rolling Stone :. Wonderful book. I finished the book on Saturday and wrote the song on Sunday. Listen to the song below.

Blitzen Trapper – VII – Music. Blitzen Trapper Format: Audio CD. out Nothing seems really out of place, and VII becomes one of Blitzen Trapper’s most Feel the Chill, Valley of Death and Thirsty Man are my favorite tracks.

Unsurprisingly the set-list from this sell-out gig at The Lexington featured many tracks from their latest and was all the better for it as it is a great record check out our review of it here. The band are touring in Europe till the end of this month. They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. All words by Craig Chaligne. More from Craig can be found at his Author Archive. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Friday, August 28, Louder Than War.

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Blitzen Trapper’s sinister beauty

The Blitzen Trapper boys—who hail from Portland, Oregon—have been at the music game together for 17 years now. And instead of burning out they seem to continue to sprint ahead in full creative force. True to their chosen titles, Blitzen Trapper loves the wild road life and the wild road certainly loves them. Blitzen synth-maker and guitarist Marty Marquis opened up the night with some of his solo work, reflecting openly on his choice to stay in Portland rather than move to big cities like New York where bands like his often feel the need to make the pilgrimage to.

But more than anything that the first song gave the Biltmore a taste of disco, a genre that Blitzen often interweaves with classic rock.

Get the Blitzen Trapper Setlist of the concert at Black Cat, Washington, DC, USA on November 5, and other Blitzen Trapper Setlists for.

The video for Blitzen Trapper’s newest single, “Black River Killer,” features a studio audience of a talk show all wearing a version of the same horrible mask – one of composure mixed with a sadistic smirk and gray, penetrating eyes. They sit stoically through the early parts of the killer’s story, a plight that is influenced almost solely by his inability to overrule the quick work of the devil and his insatiable hunger for merciless, random murder.

When the explanation is finally out, unraveled like a roll of carpeting – a history of needless, remorseless violence that cannot be slowed or dissuaded – they aggressively call for his head — the same kind of violence to be done to the killer that he inflicted with knives and pistols. The audience is angry and thirsty for what it would call justice, but what the scene, full of whooping and crazed body language, really goes to show is the same natural inclinations for homicidal tendencies in all human beings.

Some are just more “right” than others. Some of these tendencies are just looked at as the less crooked kinds, but it’s a fine line that one only tends to see when they’ve been pushed. Portland’s Blitzen Trapper find many different ways to bring us into its wild mountain nation – one that now, even after the Daytrotter record-breaking fourth visit here, still holds new looks, insights and dimensions to explore. It’s a thick underbrush of vegetation which has grown over the countless rifle shell casings that unleashed the slugs that felled men and buffalo, whatever was out there moving and could be eaten by the scrawny prospectors and settlers.

It’s an underbrush that grows out of soil that been piled upon itself, layer-by-layer of compost and decaying carcasses, covering up arrowheads chiseled out of soft rocks by the natives who lived their previously. It’s a land that does not exist on its clear boundaries – of men who have it all placed and agreed upon – but as a place that drifts like the map-less and still remains true to very earthy ideals, the kinds that sometimes come back and bite you.

After Infinity War:

Join Songkick to track Blitzen Trapper and get concert alerts when they play near you. View all past concerts. They formed in Evidently, all of the band members are incredibly musical: the band leader, Eric Earley, started playing music at the tender age of just three! Blitzen Trapper released its first three albums through self-release, promoting their music themselves. The album that accompanied the single, of the same title, gained a lot of positivity from the press and the critical acclaim led to the band being signed by Sub Pop Records.

Live in Portland by Blitzen Trapper, released 17 December 1. Thirsty Man 4. Live Album from one of my favorite Folk/Indie Rock/Americana Bands.

All tickets are general admission standing room only with limited bench seating available on a first come first served basis. Over the course of 15 years and seven full-length albums, Blitzen Trapper has crafted one of the more compelling and varied catalogs in contemporary rock and roll. It also follows something of a pattern. Then came American Goldwing. After that, VII. Something else All Across This Land shares with Furr and American Goldwing: the fact that these new songs came quick, and in a very concentrated period of time.

And I think they work together because everything came in such a short period. And yet, for a record characterized by its focus, there is still plenty of musical and lyrical ground covered within its ten songs. And who knows? Maybe all that some people really want from us is folk music. But what we like to do is play rock music. On All Across This Land, they certainly do. From there, he also began to look back on his relationship with his own father, a bluegrass and folk musician.

Because we all came from much smaller places and then we moved to the city, which was Portland.

BLITZEN TRAPPER Announces New Album VII, Out 10/1

The need for strong, independent local journalism is more urgent than ever. Our readers rely on our comprehensive news reporting. Please support the city we love by joining Friends of Willamette Week. One presumes that, 10 years into its career, Blitzen Trapper would’ve found its sense of direction by now. But on its seventh album, the band continues to experiment with its homespun folk sound.

The chiming organ on the Dylanish “Thirsty Man” and knockabout “Shine On” ache a la the Band’s “Chest Fever,” while “Oregon Geography” finds frontman Eric Earley rattling off his vocals like a redneck Beck against a taut backdrop of ambient rain and fitful banjo.

Blitzen-Trapper. Tracks like “Thirsty Man” speak of love in a Dylan-esque fashion where Earley reveals”love like rain falls in the wasteland and.

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Blitzen Trapper @ Turner Hall Ballroom

They were greeted with exuberance by the crowd, delighted the band were back in town after an absence of a decade. Join now. They extended songs into funky cosmic jams; jams that rocked and teased with nimble prog sensibility; jams that never lost sight of the tune or wandered off in to indulgence All Across This Land was filled to bursting with monster riffs but never bored and never bludgeoned. The presentation was unfussy with crystal clear sound and the band easy with each other on the stage, plenty of smiles, clearly enjoying both their performance and the crowd reaction.

The crowd were in raptures throughout, word perfect and dancing, more than pleased the band were back in town after the monster absence — noted by Marquis with a tip of the hat to the Thekla.

It wasn’t just any Blitzen Trapper show, but a night dedicated to Neil Young’s fully extended version of “Thirsty Man,” an astonishing performance that The crowd picked him up on that one, but there was no assistance.

Charlotte’s Premier Live Music Club. I am indistinguishable from my memories, inseparable from this place I’ve always lived. Songs made of rhymes and these rhymes like maps to the bizarre hinterlands of what we know and love. This is Blitzen Trapper’s seventh record for the books, another bizarre string of tales and touchstones, more beats and banjos by far than anything to date, since, well we figured a straight line between two points is preferable.

At this point the road is home and home is home, which is to say there is no home left for me because at a certain point you can never go home as the old adage seems to more than imply. The pac-northwest is a place of synthesis, a backwater for slag and leftovers, culturally speaking, and VII like this, like all my records it’s a synthesis of a whole mess of things. Our music, lovingly called ‘Rocky Mountain Whoop-ass’, a term itself coined by close associates to refer to what we play though our particular mountains are a more volcanic spur of the Rockies and so more solitary, brings together the strut, the twist, the headbang and the hillbilly tap, though in some cases it merely makes people want to drink or procreate.

I feel confident this genre will, if not become de facto will perform as an at least marginally amusing handle for music writers with any interest. Memories of Oregon: The JD drinking, robotripping, dope smoking experimentation of youth. And even further back the country gospel tabernacle meetings out in Brooks, falling asleep as a child on hard wood benches while the country band plays Just A Closer Walk With Thee, the prayers of the saints rising for all us wandering youth.

Each of these songs starts from a small place, like a headwaters, a remembrance and then widens into a song. For instance, that old wreck of a shack buried in evergreen and murky darkness at the bend in the road up on Jackson Hill where we used to drink and never failed to give me a chill driving by in the old Impala for it’s implacable mystery, where Feel the Chill takes place.

Thirsty Man single

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Lyrics to ‘I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow’ by Blitzen Trapper. I am a man of constant sorrow / I’ve seen trouble all my days / I bid farewell to old Kentucky / The.

The group signed to Sub Pop Records in the summer of The release of Furr in was a high-water mark for the group as their eclectic new songs received a two-page feature in Rolling Stone. The album was ranked No. Their ninth studio release – marking a return to the band’s own label LidKerCow – is titled Wild and Reckless and was released on November 3, The band that would come to be known as Blitzen Trapper began life under the name Garmonbozia in the year Their first known recording as a band is untitled and incomplete; only two songs, “Something Blue,” and “Oklahoma” remain.

The two approaches to these very early songs hint toward later song structures throughout their pre-label albums, up to and including their breakthrough album, Wild Mountain Nation. In , the band’s output exploded, as they self-recorded four albums with homemade artwork, which they distributed at concerts. The band headed back to the studio to record ‘s Boom which contains a very early version of the song, “Sadie”; a more polished version of the song would later close Blitzen Trapper’s Destroyer of the Void album in Increasingly, the band’s songs were edging closer to tracks that would place on albums in the band’s Blitzen Trapper incarnation; their final studio recording, R L , included early versions of several songs that would appear on Blitzen Trapper’s eponymous first record, including “AppleTrees,” “The All Girl Team,” and “Texaco.

Mix – Blitzen Trapper – Thirsty Man